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Hannah Hamer from United Kingdom
email: yawninglotus6@icloud.com

This club has helpful advice from its site and community, but also a chance to share images and stories of their little precious ones!
Goran Ožanić from Croatia
email: abysson.the.gory@gmail.com

Greetings from Ushky, Lightie, Whity, Boyan and Plashko
Neung Patinya from Thailand
email: patayin@gmail.com

hello everyone I'm from Bangkok Thailand, I have 22 syrian hamsters. ^_^
Patty Hasenyager from United States
email: allyssalyn@hotmail.com

Nadia thank you again for all the help that you have given me with my fur babies. When I had the Winter Whites you helped me to understand what to do and how to do it. It was great for someone who was a mom for the first time. Now that I have the Syrians, you and your site have helped me to understand more about the breed and what I can do to help them them and make them feel like they are family. Thank you again, Patty Hasenyager Portland, OR USA
Melissa from United States
email: momofarrow@gmail.com

Love this site AND the Facebook group. Love being owned by all my little hammies! <3
deana sample from United States
email: deana.buell@yahoo.com

I have two hamster s
carolyn kowalski from United States
email: cantbangel@yahoo.com

love this site
Playtime*Little Critter Creations from USA
email: amrfzbnz@gmail.com

Love your site and FB page. Thanks for sharing all the darling photos.
Ian mark from Philippines
email: im_veri_gud@yahoo.com

I have 11 teddybear hamster.
faith from United States
email: faithcalhoun9@yahoo.com

This site is very good wish it had stuff like how to convince your parents to let you have one

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