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Laura Animalgirl from United Kingdom
email: Laurafluffybunny@gmail.com

This website has been really helpful to me and is one of the best hamster websites on the web. I love all the features and good advice and adorable photos of hamsters! :)
Alyso from United Kingdom
email: sexy-shiva@hotmail.co.uk

Hi from UK, love the hamster club, full of great information and cute hamster things to buy. Love alyson xxxx
The Awesome Espeon from United States from United States
email: lololol@gmail.com

Hi peeps. I love this website! It helped me take care of my hamster.
Playtime*Little Critter Creations from United States
email: playtime4critters@gmail.com

Love your pages. You have been so helpful to the hamster world. Following on FB has been nice. Would love to see more items (jewelry other small items) with hamsters on them. Thank you! Linda
Hamster Club from Malta
email: info@hamster-club.com

@ James brown Yes it is free to join, just go to www.guineapigsandhamsters.com and register for free
James brown from USA
email: Mustangman.69@hotmail.com

Hi just found website is it free to join?
Gab from Japan
email: gabcailotto@gmail.com

What a fascinating and enjoyable site - really loved the interactive quiz! Will definitely be keep checking back in for updates and as reference when i get my very own hamster! RIP all the departed souls X
Patty Hasenyager from United States
email: allyssalyn@hotmail.com

I have used this site over and over again to get new information about my hamsters. You have helped me out in so many situations, Thank you! You have made me feel more comfortable with learning about these wonderful creatures. Thanks again! Patty
Erika Fry from Great Britain
email: efry81@gmail.com

Glad I found this website,very helpful!!
winterwhitwdwarf from USA
email: calepepsi@gmail.com

love the website

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