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The age of e-commerce is crashing the party for retail stores

In the past decade there has been a systematic failure of retail stores across America. Numbers of bricks and mortar establishments are closing their doors for good. In the age of eCommerce, it is becoming increasingly difficult for retail stores who do not have a web presence to compete with the online stores that offer shopping convenience from home or office at the touch of a screen. What are the successful retailers doing that the ones that are failing are not? It all comes down to the marketing strategies.

Competition is intense

We can't say enough about the need to keep an edge on the competition in today's challenging retail market. Online vendors such as Amazon.com and other web retailers realize that they pull customers in en masse my rising to their demands and giving them purchasing options that make it fast, convenient and satisfying to shop online. By catering to the desires of consumers, they become the first consideration when it's time to make a purchase.

Technology in the age of eCommerce

Retailers who saw the wave of technology coming and got on board with their marketing strategies set themselves up for success. As the public became accustomed to the idea of online shopping, an increasing range of products, discount prices, the convenience of home delivery and the fact that you can do it from anywhere, the retail world was forever changed. Major corporations such as Walmart saw that consumer trends were shifting and implemented a new market strategy that combined their local stores with an online shopping website offering a broad product range that even exceeds items available in their retail stores.

Change is the single constant

In an world of consumers that is constantly changing, only the top notch marketers will be able to compete. Some of the larger retailers who refused to make the effort to analyze the changing market are now paying the price for their lack of vision. There is no way to keep a competitive edge when you're not on top of trending consumer behaviors and what the next 18 months may bring. It's a forecasting game that the more successful retailers are willing to play. Market analysts are becoming skilled at predicting consumer trends and although their services are expensive, in the long run it can mean the difference between forging ahead as a major retailer or losing your customer base to a supplier that more closely meets their needs and preferences.

Personalized services

Retailers are now dealing with a public that has a wide range of options from companies that offer goods and services that are tailor made to suit their personal tastes. Computers have gone from large bulky behemoths to devices that are small enough to be worn on the wrist. It's an age in which savvy retailers are conforming to the wants of consumers because they know if they don't, their competition will. It's all about getting the attention of the buyers and being the first to offer a new innovation that will somehow solve a problem or make their lives better in some way.

Adaptation is a necessity for survival

Retailers are beginning to understand that they are squaring off with of formidable opponent in the world of eCommerce. Bricks and mortars who want to keep their doors open have no choice but to diversify to catch the attention of online shoppers in a format that offers comparable services to the more successful online vendors. It's a complex proposition and too expensive for some chains. This is why there are retailers who will not have the capacity to join in the online frey. The age of eCommerce has upped the stakes in the arena of retail marketing and the business closures we've witnessed to date are just the tip of the iceberg.

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