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The Hamster named Fred's Story by Adele Tuffill
Author: Adele Tuffill
Source: www.hamster-club.com

Hamster storySome years ago, I was very heartbroken from losing my little girl Flo. My husband surprised me by bringing a little black bear home and he called him Fred. I found it hard to look at him or love him as I was so heartbroken after losing my precious Flo. The first time Fred was let loose on the floor, he managed to escape and get in the bathroom and under the floor.

It was a public holiday and was hard to find someone to help us to remove the floor and to try and rescue him. We called an emergency plumber named Steve and he ripped our bathroom apart to try to get to Fred but he must have gotten scared and went down further. We gave up hope and thought we better let the neighbour downstairs know in case there was noise or later she might smell something. My husband showed her how he escaped and where in her flat this happened and low and behold there was Fred in her laundry basket having a wash and not a mark on him.

I was overjoyed and fell instantly in love with him. We went to our pet shop to spoil him with treats and I fell in love with a lovely golden Syrian that was built like a body builder so I got him and took him home and we called him Steve after the plumber that helped in finding Fred. Fred was the most placid calm and a true gentleman hamster and lived for 2.5 years and passed peacefully an old man. we miss him dearly but couldn't imagine our lives without him in it. The bathroom cost us 700 to repair after it being ripped apart and that little boy was worth each and every penny. x Hamster Competition

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