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Hamster Story by Marilyn Alexander
Author: Marilyn Alexander
Source: www.hamster-club.com

I met a hamster one day in a pet shop, she was lively and affectionate and she very enthusiastically jumped straight into the tub that carried her home.

Her name was 'Olive'. This fluffy golden Syrian hamster, Olive, loved hanging upside down in her tubes, roaming the house, and stuffing her cheeks with as much food and worms as she could possibly fit in them.

You see, I must tell you about Olive because she endured a mysterious disease that left her with numerous tumors. I spent many hours nursing her, researching and asking vets about her symptoms but to no avail. I was told that there is nothing I could do for her except euthanasia.

I couldn't bear to loose Olive, and although many would disagree, I chose to keep her alive and nurse her as best I could until 'the day' of her death.

She lived for a year with these tumors, not showing any sign of slowing down or lethargy. I even moved far across the country to another town (15 hours away), and she endured the long car trip with no ill effects (hanging upside down in her tubes all the way).

Then one day while I was out, I felt a nagging feeling in my heart, I went home immediately, only to find Olive up and awake during midday (which was unusual for her). She was standing alongside the cage door, just looking at me...I felt for sure she summoned me, I opened the cage, held her in my hands, and stroked her little back for the last time, as she took her last breath.

Olive died peacefully in my hands. I buried her on a mountain side where she would have the best ocean view ever. I miss Olive.Hamster Competition

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