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Hamster Story by Abijah Alaniz
Author: Abijah Alaniz
Source: www.hamster-club.com

hamster storySo this is a story about a hamster that was a one of a kind pal. Even though all hamsters have their differences, to me Fisket stood out and wasn't just a hamster. He was a very close companion on which I couldn't live without, literally.

Everywhere I went I took him with me. And with every picture we took he would either be checking himself out in the mirror or just simply smiling at the camera. I honestly can't put my affections for Fisket into words. My love for him was so strong I just can't explain it. It's like those random smells on which you can't identify.

I still remember the day I got Fisket and how it went. It was on September 7, 2010 when my Dad surprised me with a maroon cage and a small rectangle box that kept vibrating because he kept moving. When I opened the box there was a small hamster with a little pink nose and a white pelt. In that instant there was a strong connection.

hamster storyWe spent every single day together and I took him literally everywhere with me. I even took him to school one time! Fisket was a healthy and happy little hamster as if he didn't have a care in the world. But then a dark day came on which would have come sooner or later. It was a month after his 1 year anniversary. He didn't have a painful death, but yet peaceful.

He passed in his sleep on which to me looked as if he was still smiling. Of course I was devastated but I was grateful I got to spend a whole year with him. Also Fisket wouldn't have wanted me to be grieving but to be happy for the time we spent together. To me Fisket as I said earlier was a one of a kind hamster.Hamster Competition

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