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My Humongous Hamster
Source: www.lornafreytag.com/my-humongous-hamster/

My Humongous HamsterLorna Freytag, Author and Illustrator of 'My Humongous Hamster' sent us her book called 'My Humongous Hamster' for review.

The story is very funny and will be a great read for children and adults alike!

'My Humongous Hamster' features a Syrian Hamster that eats more and more and gets bigger and bigger.

Here is a small summary from this book.

My hamster doesn't do much. He just SLEEPS and EATS and EATS and SLEEPS. He EATS so much I think one day he is going to get BIGGER and BIGGER... and then this imaginative story GROWS and GROWS.

To buy this book, please click here.

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